Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is what it is
broasted chicken and stuffing
Viking Grill visit


  1. Oh yum! Just got back from Watertown....this makes me even more hungry!

  2. oh if you only knew how good that food was
    It is a little local joint up in Door COunty Wisconsin
    in Ellison Bay...and for desert they give you Homemade cherry pie
    you just want to weep, it is so good

    1. Ya know, there's a little hole in the wall cafe two minutes from me that serves old fashion breakfast. Uncle Tony's. He's "old country" Greek, and fills every plate with tons of eggs, ham, bacon, toast, everything! And a platter of breakfast like that is less than $5! Sadly, these places are fading from our collective culture quickly.

    2. oh should write an ode to greek are right..they are disappearing....we didn't know when we had it so good
      Kids think these "chains" are good old fashioned food
      ha......and I love greek you have it there by you?
      This Viking grill is a local joint..owned by swedes...if you sit in the wrong booth they will look at you and suggest a different one...
      they have fish frys on Fridays
      say hello to Uncle Tony...tell him we were praising him