Sunday, January 22, 2012

We stepped inside the diner,
strangers in a strange land.
Every boothfull turned and stared
then looked away,not seeing a threat.
We orderd our eggs,sunny-side up.
They don't have Greek toast here
so we chose rye.
In walked an old man,
he walked right to a stool in the corner.
The waitress poured him a cup of hot coffee
without even asking.
He layed out a handful of change on the counter
and began to seperate the coins
and counted
and recounted them.
We looked at each other
thinking the same thing...
he wasn't sure he had enough.
But we were strangers
 in a small town,
 he had all that he needed,
a diner that cared.
We paid our bill
 as he continued to count and recount his change.
 We left
 as Gertie gave him a plate of food.


  1. Wonderful story. A much needed reminder. This reflects a true sense of place, so rare in today's (dis)connected world. It also reminds me of "The Last Picture Show" that I watched on Christmas day. By the way: NEVER watch that movie on Christmas day! :)

  2. heartwarming:)
    love this bit....thanks.

  3. Nice...
    Greetings from France,


    1. Hello Pierre....I have always wanted to know someone named Pierre!....thank you for stopping by my blogs and for leaving comments.....much to find your blog

  4. This photo inspired such lovely prose in you and could probably inspire many more words due to it's simplicity but mysterious view.

  5. The milk of human kindness: how refreshing to glimpse it now and again.
    Like a blogger friend of mine who is concerned that I be vigilant to my cardiac health! :))